Mapping the Mangroves - MWL


This lesson is based on creating low cost environmental sensors that remotely monitor conditions in study areas.    The sensors are connected to a hub or gateway that uploads sensor data to the Mapping the Mangroves website


  • Students will use online tutorials to create environmental sensors.

Teaching Summary

This lesson is all about engaging students in the task of gathering data in different ecosystems.  Students get an introduction to computer programming and creating software.  Also, students have to learn about how to determine variables and functions that are appropriate for the type of measurement (temperature, water level, etc.) they are conducting.  The online tutorial walks students through the build of the the sensors.  

Students should learn about what variables they want to measure before building the sensors, as well as some experience with basic programming and construction of microprocessors.  It is also pertinent to have students do some concept mapping of the construction process to visualize how the components will fit together.  


Links to Instructables lessons on building the sensors:

1.  ORP 

2. H2O level

3. Temperature (air & H2O)

4. Weather station

See associated resource set for other instructions on creating environmental sensors.  

Assessment Questions

Assessments should be based around basic circuit construction.  

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