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  • Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition
Virtual Audio-Video Archive
قراءة النص المطبوع بخط رفيع
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The VAVA is a collecion of royalty-free audio and video files for teachers to use in their own creative exercises. We have also developed a small number of sample exercises that utilize material from the VAVA. The LCTL Project encourages teachers of all LCTLs to cooperate in developing new VAVA exercises using audio or video materials. Individual exercises might be very simple listening practice, or they might be more complex, integrating sounds, video clips into reading, writing, speaking and listening activities for students.The VAVA currently contains audio for the following languages: Arabic (Tunisa), Chinese (Mainland and Taiwan), Hebrew, Norwegian, Polish.

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Teaching/Learning Strategy
University of Minnesota
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Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition
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