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Ants versus humans

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This task requires students to work with very large and small values expressed both in scientific notation and in decimal notation (standard form). In addition, students need to convert units of mass.
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Illustrative Mathematics
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Illustrative Mathematics
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Kristen Frankie
on Jan 27, 01:15pm Evaluation

Utility of Materials Designed to Support Teaching: محدود (1)

I had to provide a lot of guidance for my students to complete this activity. The task does not give a lot of expectations of the teacher or inform what the necessary prerequisites would be for the students to be best able to complete.

Kristen Frankie
on Jan 27, 01:15pm Evaluation

Quality of Instructional and Practice Exercises: محدود (1)

This is one task designed to help students work with precision. There is an answer key, but there is only one problem to be solved so there is no variety or extra practice.

Kristen Frankie
on Jan 27, 01:15pm Evaluation

Opportunities for Deeper Learning: متفوق (3)

This task requires critical thinking to solve a complex problem, the students worked in groups of 2 or 3 so it covered collaboration, and the application of discrete knowledge & skills to real-world situations.



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