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تنمية الحس بالمقياس

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This lesson unit is intended to help you assess whether students recognize relationships of direct proportion and how well they solve problems that involve proportional reasoning. In particular, it is intended to help you identify those students who: use inappropriate additive strategies in scaling problems, which have a multiplicative structure; rely on piecemeal and inefficient strategies such as doubling, halving, and decomposition, and have not developed a single multiplier strategy for solving proportionality problems; and see multiplication as making numbers bigger, and division as making numbers smaller.
المدرسة الابتدائية القسم الأدنى, المدرسة الابتدائية القسم الأعلى, المدرسة الإعدادية, المدرسة الثانوية
رياض الأطفال, الصف الأول, الصف الثاني, الصف الثالث, الصف الرابع, الصف الخامس, الصف السادس, الصف السابع, الصف الثامن, الصف التاسع, الصف العاشر, الصف الحادي عشر, الصف الثاني عشر
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التقييم, Lesson Plan
Shell Center for Mathematical Education, U.C. Berkeley
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Mathematics Assessment Project (MAP)
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Lehua HIDOE on Aug 16, 04:16pm

This is a lesson where students can investigate proportions and scale drawings. It is complete with student handouts, assessments, and lesson plans. It also includes a recommendation page for common errors. This addresses CCSS 7.RP.1 and 7.RP.2



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