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Writing Commons aspires to be a community for writers, a creative learning space for students in courses that require college-level writing, a creative, interactive space for teachers to share resources and pedagogy. Our primary goal is to provide the resources and community students need to improve their writing, particularly students enrolled in courses that require college-level writing. As mentioned in 'About Us', we believe learning materials should be free for all students and teachers‰ part of the cultural commons. Hence, we provide free access to an award-winning, college textbook that was published by a major publisher and awarded the Distinguished Book Award by Computers and Composition: an International Journal.
المدرسة الثانوية, كلية مجتمع /القسم الأدنى
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القراءة, Textbook
المشاع الكتابي
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Justin White on Nov 27, 03:54pm

Although the entry here says it is a CC BY license, the resource itself lists a CC BY-NC-ND license, which would make it not an OER. Is there a way to flag an item for removal?

Chrisenthia Frewen-Lord on Nov 19, 06:22pm

How do I view or download this's not letting me view it at all.

JK Whis @Chrisenthia Frewen-Lord on Dec 02, 03:03pm

I am having the same issue here as well as at


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