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Everything Maths: Grade 11
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This is a comprehensive math textbook for Grade 11. It can be downloaded, read on-line on a mobile phone, computer or iPad. Every chapter has links to on-line video lessons and explanations. Summary presentations at the end of each chapter offer an overview of the content covered, with key points highlighted for easy revision. Topics covered are: language of mathematics, exponents, surds, error margins, quadratic sequences, finance, quadratic equations, quadratic inequalities, simultaneous equations, mathematical models, quadratic functions and graphs, hyperbolic functions and graphs, exponential functions and graphs, gradient at point, linear programming, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, independent variables, dependent events. This book is based upon the original Free High School Science Text series.

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Guess the Last Ball
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This video lesson uses the technique of induction to show students how to analyze a seemingly random occurrence in order to understand it through the development of a mathematical model. Using the medium of a simple game, Dr. Lodhi demonstrates how students can first apply the 'rules' to small examples of the game and then, through careful observation, can begin to see the emergence of a possible pattern. Students will learn that they can move from observing a pattern to proving that their observation is correct by the development of a mathematical model. Dr. Lodhi provides a second game for students in the Teacher Guide downloadable on this page. There are no prerequisites for this lesson and needed materials include only a blackboard and objects of two different varieties - such as plain and striped balls, apples and oranges, etc. The lesson can be completed in a 50-minute class period.

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Fakhar Lohdi
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