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Figure This! Math Challenges for Families
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This web site offers families, teachers, and tutors 80 mathematical challenges helpful for encouraging problem solving with students in grades 6 to 8. The math challenges focus on concepts and objects found in everyday life, such as how fast your heart beats, what shape container holds the most popcorn, and how much of me shows in a mirror. Each challenge contains an initial problem with a solution hint, a complete explanation of the answer, and additional problems related to the same challenge. Resources for further investigations are suggested as well. From the Printing the Challenges link on the homepage, PDF files are available for all 80 challenges in English, the first 15 challenges in Spanish, and the family resource materials in English and Spanish.

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National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
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Figure This!
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Pythagoras and the Juice Seller
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This video lesson presents a real world problem that can be solved by using the Pythagorean theorem. The problem faces a juice seller daily. He has equilateral barrels with equal heights and he always tries to empty the juice of two barrels into a third barrel that has a volume equal to the sum of the volumes of the two barrels. This juice seller wants to find a simple way to help him select the right barrel without wasting time, and without any calculations - since he is ignorant of Mathematics. The prerequisite for this lesson includes knowledge of the following: the Pythagorean theorem; calculation of a triangles area knowing the angle between its two sides; cosine rule; calculation of a circle's area; and calculation of the areas and volumes of solids with regular bases.

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MIT Blossoms
Ghada Sulaiman Abdullah Marmash
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