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Problems of the Month: Tri- Triangles

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These algebra problems of the month are designed to be used schoolwide to promote a problem-solving theme at your school. Each problem is divided into five levels, Level A through Level E, to allow access and scaffolding for the students into different aspects of the problem and to stretch students to go deeper into mathematical complexity.
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VS HIDOE on Aug 17, 10:29pm

I love these "Problem of the Month" tasks! These problems come as a "related set" of problems that can be used to differentiate (for varying levels of students). You could still give these problems as a whole class, starting with the Level A problem and progressing as far as may be appropriate for your students. So although I pulled it in grade 4 (Level B aligns to 4.OA.C5) it could also be applied to other grade levels. The Level A problem just has students building a triangle using toothpicks, and recording the pattern, continuing to 3 triangles (grade 3 level). Level B uses triangle pattern blocks to create a "table" using 1 triangle and keeping track of the pattern of the edges of the table, then putting 2 triangle tables together... As you connect the pattern to a rule, the level bumps up to grade 5, 6... In this packet of problems, I especially found the alignment/commentary at the end the most helpful. There is even a "script" to help teachers guide the discussion. The problem is open ended, the only thing this packet lacks is an answer key!



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