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This lesson unit is intended to help teachers assess how well students are able to: recognize and visualize transformations of 2D shapes; and translate, reflect and rotate shapes, and combine these transformations. It also aims to encourage discussion on some common misconceptions about transformations.
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Mathematics Assessment Project (MAP)
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Ashley Spirals on Mar 24, 10:18am

This lesson is good at connecting from one transformation to doing multiple transformations. However, it asked students to do rotations and reflections that are above the Smarter Balance Consortium's specific item specifications for 8G. In the specifications the Target Specific Attributes say that that rotations should only be done around the origin in multiplies of 90 degrees, and reflections done over the axis. In addition, it does not use the coordinate plane notation.

Lehua HIDOE on Aug 24, 06:31pm

This is a lesson/assessment tool. It has many teacher resources like detailed lessons, student worksheets, card sets for students to match, and tips to help students get started on the task. It is addressing CCSS 8.G.1. It does not have students explore all properties of transformations, reflections, and rotations, but it does connect a series of transformations to a single transformation.



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