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This website shows images and video of the Arabic letters. It has two sections, one with the Arabic letters in their independent, unconnected forms, and a second showing the letters in all of their various connected forms. Both sections offer videos that show a calligrapher writing out each form of each letter. Videos of the connected letters include words that demonstrate the initial, medial, and final positions of each letter.
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Mark Johnstone on Mar 01, 10:15am

Nicely done videos load quickly but are in Apple's propriety Quicktime format which may restrict access on some platforms.

Letter forms are all treated in traditional alphabetical order. The goal appears to be restricted to a demonstration of correct reproduction of these letter forms.

The style of writing used is Naskh, which is a calligraphic style. Ruka'a is most commonly used in handwriting and this style is somewhat simpler than Naskh and has several variant letter forms. Anyone encountering Arabic handwriting written by natives will probably have to read Ruka'a rather than Naskh.


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