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December Assignment

by Megan Simmons 7 years, 1 month ago

Due January 20

1. Continue editing the resource you created with our colleagues from California in Open Author
Basketball Math:
3D Printing:
Magic Eyes:

2. Create a resource in Open Author of the activity you shared with our Californian colleagues. Make a copy of the OER Fellowship Project Template, change the title, write your resource, upload documents/ppts/pdfs, add media (videos, photos) and resource links

3. Share what you experienced at Big Ideas Fest, the Exploratorium, the OER Design Lab and visit to Half Moon Bay High School with your teacher colleagues and students. Try one new activity learned with your colleagues and/or students and write a reflection of how it went below.

Luai Alomari 7 years ago

I use yes and to build my colleagues ideas and create new ideas they like it

Hanan Salah 7 years ago

I also used yes and strategy. I used it in class with my students. I told them that we can build a worksheet. and the students added on it. They wanted a worksheet that can solve itself and explain the solution to the student and lots of wonderful ideas.