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OER Fact Sheet by lizo

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This is a simple fact sheet on OER providing a definition and a visual representation of the 5 R's with resources for finding OER and the meanings of the various Creative Commons terminology.

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Lumen Learning Basic Reading and Writing

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Basic Reading and Writing builds a solid foundation around core aspects of the writing process: critical reading; methodical writing; research and documentation; practical grammar and punctuation. An optional module introduces core principles for college success that help students understand and develop good habits to improve their performance in this and other college courses. As the first in a three-course sequence that culminates in Composition I (college-level composition), Basic Reading and Writing focuses on helping students identify and apply foundational concepts and skills in reading and writing. Course content may be used for standard instruction or diagnostically to discover and address gaps in student understanding/skill.

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(View Complete Item Description) has been offering free resources for both students and teachers since 2006. All of the resources on the site (excluding the downloadable exercise packages) are free. At the moment, users can find about 250 English grammar exercises, 200 exercise to learn & practice English vocabulary, 200 downloadable worksheets, a collection of video-based and audio-based listening comprehension exercises, English pronunciation practice tests, exercises to build writing & literacy skills, and much more.

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Big Grammar Book

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** This book has been donated to the public domain.** From the introduction: Hello there . . . ! Welcome to English’s Big Grammar Book. It’s the third fantastic book from English Banana and the aim this time is to practise grammar, grammar and, er, more grammar! It’s jam-packed from cover to cover with a great selection of photocopiable worksheets taken from the popular English website. We wanted to provide teachers with a really useful book of no-nonsense grammar worksheets that they can dip into and use in class with students at Entry Level (ESOL Core Curriculum Entry Levels 1 & 2). It is also ideal for students to work with at home since the answers are all printed at the back. The book is divided into four parts and is graded in difficulty, so that it begins with some basic stuff and builds up to more challenging grammar activities. It features a selection of Essential English worksheets which provide practice for crucial basic areas of knowledge for learners at Entry Level, like using numbers, writing the alphabet, spelling days and months correctly, and so on.

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Reading & Writing For Learning Course Materials

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Improves reading through work on vocabulary development, motor skills, comprehension and some reading rate improvement. Instruction includes sentence structure, paragraph and essay development, and written expression. Students can expect to increase working vocabulary and improve skills in basic communications. Instructor guide:

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Guide to Writing

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This writing style guide covers the fundamentals of English usage and writing. It includes sections on grammar and mechanics, editing, formatting, academic citation and research documentation, including the latest MLA and APA style guidelines. A useful supplement to any academic writing course. This guide is primarily based on material from Lumen Learning’s English Composition I: Process-Based course and Joe Schall’s Style for Students, with supplemental videos by David Rheinstrom from Khan Academy’s Grammar.

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Writing for Success unavailable

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Scott McLean’s Writing for Success is a text that provides instruction in steps, builds writing, reading, and critical thinking, and combines comprehensive grammar review with an introduction to paragraph writing and composition. Beginning with the sentence and its essential elements, this book addresses each concept with clear, concise and effective examples that are immediately reinforced with exercises and opportunities to demonstrate, and reinforce, learning. Each chapter allows your students to demonstrate mastery of the principles of quality writing. With its incremental approach, it can address a range of writing levels and abilities, helping each student in your course prepare for their next writing or university course. Constant reinforcement is provided through examples and exercises, and the text involves students in the learning process through reading, problem-solving, practicing, listening, and experiencing the writing process.

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Academic Writing Exercises

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This is a collection of interactive Google Forms to complement a series of instructional videos by Shaun Macleod and Mark Roberts of SmrtEnglish. Each exercise includes a short video along with original, self-grading comprehension questions and analysis of contextual grammar examples designed for upper-level writing students of English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). When you click on a link below, you will be prompted to save a copy of the form to your own Google Drive. This allows you to edit the form as you wish and ensures that the data you collect from your students go to your computer. If you have questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me at

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Grammar Essentials

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This is a great question you might be asking yourself, and if you’re not asking it, you probably should be. If you are a native speaker of English, you don’t even have to think about it to use grammar correctly, at least for the most part. If you have ever watched a child develop language, you know that, at a very young age, children know what is necessary for language to make sense.

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