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Here are best iOS apps for student. When the calendar appears in August, we are all approaching the time that students are afraid, and parents are waiting with great anticipation - at the time of return to school. Before school preparation was buying books, paper, pens, pencils and notebooks. But the iPhone, which appeared two years ago, everything changed - besides the fact that it has a feature phone, music playback, and the ability to access the Internet, it is able to raise your score, as an indispensable learning tool.

iPhone comes with a number of built-in applications, which can be useful for students - for example, voice recorder to record lectures, or a calendar that can be stored timetable. But if a negligent student or the student still decides to see the range of additional applications available for download in the App Store, it will be a very pleasant surprise. Most likely, he will find a variety of programs designed for students who will be useful for high school students, and for the fifth year. Some of them are absolutely free, while others will have to buy, pay for purchases by credit card.

In this article Macster offers you a list of ten, in our opinion, the best educational apps for the iPhone, but the range of useful features for iPhone is not limited to students. You can create your hit list and add to it other training applications.

Google Mobile App

If you just can not find the required information, rely on professionals. The free app Google Mobile App will give you access to the most popular search engine, which can interact with the help of ... voice. Easy to use voice search Google is able to find anything. In addition, working with Google, you will automatically receive access to its main functions - mail, calendar and documents.


Read the book. It seems that in this academic year, you look at the record number of books, not ordinary and electronic, and all that - thanks to a new app Stanza. His archive is stored fifty thousand books which can be downloaded for free, and more books that you can buy. Perfection, reading philosophical literature, raise their cultural level with art publications, learn new things, downloading textbooks. Undoubtedly, the lessons of literature you will not be equal.

Amazon Mobile

Textbooks are required for any student. Do not hurry to part with a solid amount of bookstores, because thanks to the free Amazon Mobile app, you can successfully save! Just find books at discount prices at The range of teaching aids are very wide, and the prices are much more democratic than in conventional stores. And thanks to the Amazon Mobile search will be carried out as soon as possible. The result is a good deal, and get your books directly to the first of September.


A good dictionary is required during reading, and writing essays. Ha this case in the App Store for you, there are several high-end and low-cost offerings. WordBook costs only $ 2 and is considered one of the best of its kind. The dictionary contains more than 150,000 entries, thesaurus (Thesaurus), web-links, and even audiokorrektor pronunciation. All of the above must be just any student, and can greatly facilitate the learning process. Dusty old dictionaries are clearly losing.

Documents To Go

No matter you are writing an essay or thesis on the history of the Diploma - through the application Documents To Go, you can save to your iPhone files in .doc and .docx, and they will be with you always and everywhere. At any time, you can open them to correct or add information. Version of Documents To Go with support for Microsoft Word is only $ 5, and thus makes it possible to continue to work in all conditions, instead of helplessly look on text mode read only. Format, cut and paste entire paragraphs, do all that is available to you when working with text on a laptop. Even if you remembered about homework late at night, you will have time to finish it in the morning on the bus or the subway on the way to school or university.


HP-12C Financial Calculator CalculatorVstroenny in the iPhone is quite good, especially if you use it to perform standard calculations. However, for students in the faculty he is no longer suitable. Most of the professors insist that the student use the calculator Ti83, which, fortunately, has found its new incarnation in Annex PI83 Graphing Calculator. By downloading this application (costing only $ 1), you will get unlimited access to statistical calculations, algebraic and geometric functions, as well as many others. You no longer have anywhere to carry a calculator heaviest, and if its graphical counterpart you too are not satisfied, turn your attention to the financial calculator FIN-12C Financial Calculator worth $ 5 or scientific calculator SCI 11-C Scientific Calculator $ 15.

Not all educational applications for iPhone free. In order to properly allocate your budget, use the app, which allow you to control your finances effortlessly. Enough to have a personal account, specify information about the financial expenses, and you can check the balance and plan costs. All this will help you understand exactly when it's time to ask the parents for money for school lunches.


iRusRadioShkola - is not only an endless cramming, but also entertainment, in which there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. iRusRadio give you access to one hundred and fifty internet radio stations to listen to music for all tastes in real time. Enjoy your favorite music that is sure to raise your morale on the last night before the exam.


myHomeworkVo all these lectures, lessons, dating and meeting friends is not surprising confused and always late. But now it will not happen, because you have an application myHomework, which will help you to understand even the most intricate schedule. All plans and homework will be organized in the form of a calendar, which can be adjusted, and thus always be aware of their own affairs.

iFlipr Flashcards

You will have a series of exams? If the usual cramming does not work, it's time to think about alternative methods of learning. Do not neglect the role of stickers in all that relates to remember information. iFlipr Flashcards offers a wide range of possibilities for the automatic creation of cards to remember, which is not available to any pre-existing application. This method affects your long-term memory and allows you to quickly prepare for the test, test papers or offset.